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Don't forget that the Photographic Competition will take place on the Saturday evening of the Open Forum Rally at Greatham Village Hall 8th-10th June.


1 The competition will take place at the Greatham Village Hall Rally on Saturday 9th June Note: Entries to be in the hands of the organiser by 12.00 noon on the day of the competition.
2 The competition will be divided into the following themes:

        (1) Transport                                                                                                                                    Adult

        (2) Fashion                                                                                                                                      Adult

        (3) BBQ Entertainment                                                                                                                    Adult

        (4) Open Theme                                                                                                                              Adult

        (5) Junior Open (A) Any subject that has been taken by a junior under the age of 11 on 18th March   

             Junior Open (B) Any subject that has been taken by a junior aged 11- 17 on 18th March 

        (6) Humorous with caption Add a caption to any humorous photo                                                   Adult

3 Prints must not be larger than 7” x 5” and must be unmounted.
4 Prints may be in colour or black & white.
5 Each entry should be clearly marked on the back IN BLOCK CAPITALS with the entrant’s name and the category.
6 Entries will be limited to 5 prints per member in each category.
7 All category winners will receive certificates.
8 All categories will be open to REGISTERED EAST HAMPSHIRE Members only 

All persons wishing to participate in the competition must be resident on the rally field for at least one night at the venue where the competition is being held.
Only photographs that have been taken by the person entering them can be accepted


Unfortunately two rallies have had to be cancelled. They are Rally No 18, Spread Eagle Liss. This is due to National Park planning restrictions. Also Rally No 19, Burley Park.  Burley have decided that they will not be having rallies anymore.

Burley Park has now been replaced with a rally at Orchard Farm Chidham. See rally details for more information.

Still the same rally officers.






Those of you who came to Care Ashore last year will remember what a fantastic evening we had with the Barn Dance. The caller enjoyed it so much he has offered to come back again this year, as long as Keith Taylor doesn't lose his trousers again!!
So there will be another Barn Dance at the Chairman's rally at Ray's Field in Ower, 2nd -5th August. A lot of other event s will be taking place over the weekend at this lovely site. Please book early if you can and your support will be greatly appreciated