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Over the last few years East Hampshire Centre, along with many other Centres, is having difficulty getting Committee members. It is some years now since we had a full Committee which means that some Committee members have to carry out two jobs in order for the Centre to function. Some Centres, including East Hampshire have rules which say how long a Committee member can serve on Committee for.

Our rule 5a states that:


A member who has served for 5 years as Secretary or 5 years as Treasurer or 3 years as any one of the other executive officers shall not for one year be eligible for re-election to the same officership unless there is no other valid nomination for that office. For the purposes of this rule ‘year’ shall mean the period between successive Annual General Meetings. The Centre Chairman after completion of his/her term of office shall not for one year be eligible for election to any of the offices referred to above. A member who has served for 3 years as an Ordinary member of the Committee shall not be eligible for a fourth consecutive year in the same capacity.



The Club recognises this problem and GLC’s (The manual which governs how Centres operate) now says, “There are no prescribed limits to the length of time a Committee member should hold office. Any such limitation can be set by the Centre, but Centres need to be aware that setting specific durations may cause problems if no nominations for successors are forthcoming”.


With this in mind and in order to alleviate the problem of recruiting Committee members, the Committee has agreed to amend rule 5a to read:

All Committee members are elected at the AGM to serve for a period of one year.

For the purposes of this rule ‘year’ shall mean the period between successive Annual General Meetings.










Those of you who came to Care Ashore last year will remember what a fantastic evening we had with the Barn Dance. The caller enjoyed it so much he has offered to come back again this year, as long as Keith Taylor doesn't lose his trousers again!!
So there will be another Barn Dance at the Chairman's rally at Ray's Field in Ower, 2nd -5th August. A lot of other event s will be taking place over the weekend at this lovely site. Please book early if you can and your support will be greatly appreciated. Please see rally details for further information.
We are holding a raffle over the weekend with all proceeds going towards the Centre's Charity, The Hampshire & Isle of Wight Air Ambulance. Any donation towards this will be gratefully received.
This year we will be having a musical 60's evening with Darren Mitchell at the AGM social.
Those of you that have been to Darren's shows before will know what a great evening it will be.
Book early for the rally as spaces are limited.