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At the Open Forum we asked if there was anybody willing to help the Committee by taking on the job of sourcing the advertising for the Centre rally book.Unfortunately so far we haven't been able to find anybody willing to take on this role. The job involves emailing our existing suppliers, asking them if they wish to continue advertising next year and getting the artwork from them and also finding new suppliers who might like to place an advert in the book. Once the book is published invoices need to be raised and sent to the advertisers along with a copy of the rally book. You could become a member of the Committee but if this did not suit you and you felt that you would be willing to do the job but did not want to be a Committee member, that would be fine. Please let me know if you are able to help as we do desperately need somebody to take on this role. 
Another thing that was discussed was using Whats App for communicating important messages to members attending a certain rally. A Whats App group could be created for each rally and that way if say a rally had to cancelled due to weather  a lot of people could be notified in seconds. Obviously not everybody would be covered by this and some would still have to be phoned but it would save a lot of time for the RO. 
Other news,  Audrey & Keith have offered to run the August Bank holiday rally at Exbury Gardens so this will now run. Any bookings made online will now go direct to them.
The Hat Fair at Winchester. The site owner has offered to provide a two course meal on Friday night. The main course will be a choice of three curries at a cost of £10. This will be served at 7.30pm   Saturday morning a full English breakfast will be available at 9.00am at a cost of £6.00. To help with catering could you let Keith & Audrey know if you want any of the meals. There is an awful lot going on this weekend and this is a great venue to see everything without having to get in the car. For further details see
The weekend 26th-28th July when we are at Drove Lea Farm, coincides with the annual steam railway event. Again you can just walk to see this. 
So some great weekends coming up so book early to avoid disappointment.. 


We will now be at Popham this weekend. This will give us more room for vans and the use of a hangar for Saturday evening.

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